Creating LEGACY

Article: Mary Jurek

Interview: Piera Klein

Year-end is approaching and it is by far, a well-deserved time for autumn and winter celebrations.  Working earnestly through springtime and summer leads us into the winding down season of family holidays and gatherings.  Autumn equinox has come and we turn back the clock as the day grows shorter and the twelfth month draws the year to a close.  For us in the retail world, this is our biggest season and I am happy to be part of a world whose raison d’ être is to give pleasure to others.  As designers, the very integral partnership in this gratifying act is with our retail stores.  They are our direct link to the generous gift giving shoppers who turn to them in mapping out the quest for the perfect treasure.

It is through the focused efforts of these buyers to tirelessly search out the best items and newest trends to fill their stores with exciting offerings.  To succeed at that task, they need to be intuitively wired to their customers’ needs.  They are the facilitators of “giving” in a sense. Creating the right ambiance with a well-planned shop and staffing with instinctive and attentive sales associates adds to the heightened experience of being somewhere you long to linger.

There is a new retail location that seems to have accomplished all that you would hope for in a specialty shop.  I am sure beneath the effortless chic, there was a very well thought out plan.  In my recent experience with this store, it is apparent Nancy and Bill Kimsey gave real thought to what shingle would hang above their new store and they came upon the name LEGACY.  It is a befitting and poetic description of a jewel box location situated along a broad boulevard of verdant trees in one of the loveliest spots in Southern California.

It does not take long for anyone who crosses the threshold to feel transported into an environment which speaks of the experience and values of owners and staff.  To them the world is connected by stories, traditions, memories, hope and dreams.  In this compact world of objects, the assortment of goods is  so well selected by owners and staff who carry with them an exciting resume of world experience.

In wanting to know more about the background and planning of this wonderful shop, an interview was born.  Piera Klein and Nancy Kimsey, the owner of LEGACY, discuss:

Piera Klein:  Can you tell us how the name LEGACY came to be chosen?

Nancy Kimsey: Legacy was chosen to represent the beautiful, timeless pieces we carry that one will treasure and hand down to future generations.

Piera Klein:   Was finding the right location as important as selecting the name for the business, or did one proceed the other?

Nancy Kimsey: The name was chosen quite some time ago while enjoying the treasures in our own home but by far the magical location on Coast Village Road is the most important.

Piera Klein:  Often new businesses are started by founders recognizing a need or gap in the market, was this true for you?

Nancy Kimsey:  One’s home and entertaining style should be pleasing and reflect their personality. We want LEGACY to be a point of inspiration where one can find casual yet elegant pieces that can  be layered to create one’s own personal style….pieces that are outstanding quality at a price less than one might expect.

We are an eclectic mix of tabletop, home décor, books and gifts of handbags, scarves and baroque pearls.

Piera Klein:  You are members of a special community here in Montecito, California.  It is also a wonderful tourist location.  With that in mind, how does that influence the product selection for your shop?

Nancy Kimsey: LEGACY has the touches that make one’s home a pleasing and peaceful refuge and so the principles are the same whether the customer is from our community or we are sending treasures home with them…dictated by style, quality and craftsmanship. We ship a large number of packages to people for the items too large to carry on the plane trip home.

Piera Klein:  LEGACY has been open for only a few short months, yet it feels as if it has been around forever.  Was that a characteristic you intended to achieve?

Nancy Kimsey: The moment one walks into Legacy, our associates want them to feel treated as if a guest in our home. And we want to capture their curiosity by integrating and layering contemporary with traditional, old with new, as well as elegance through simplicity.

Piera Klein:  There must be a next step in the planning for LEGACY, can you give us a hint about that?

Nancy Kimsey:  Our future outlook is focused on finding distinctive and exciting pieces for our clients to treasure now and for many years to come.

For more information about LEGACY, or to view some of their “hidden treasures” please visit:

1137 Coast Village Road

Montecito, CA  93108


Photo courtesy Mary Jurek Design