Traditions of Good Design

“Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.” – Robert L. Peters

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Q &A with Mary Jurek

By Piera Klein

It’s always special to have an expert’s ear when you are as obsessed with design as I am. After a very fun and inspiring interview with Mary Jurek earlier in the year, we discussed how important good design is to each of us in our own personal lives. The idea then came to share a little FAQ on the subject with our readers for those interested in the Traditions of Good Design. Below are a few of the most important things you need to know about design.

Why is good design important?

Good design is important for several reasons.  The first point that comes to mind is that good design upholds quality standards.  We all are aware of magnificent works of art from every period in history and we as designers are humbled by them.  The methods of making and designing have been discovered centuries ago, so we must pay homage to those time-honored techniques by supporting those same disciplines of skillful craftsmanship.  In this way traditions will continue and quality will not be compromised.  The overall benefits of good design are in creating value and raising expectations for the consumer.  Good design helps you make good decisions.

How to recognize good design?

There are so many ways to recognize good design, but I will say the most immediate way is through an emotional response.  This would be explained through what I call “visual appeal” or one’s reaction to beauty.  The eyes widen, the blood flows and you are drawn closer to an object in order to feel a more intimate relationship to it.  In this way, your inner voice is wanting to know the object of beautiful design better.  After that phase, a more rational set begins and you want the object to fulfill needs.  Now you have a more balanced response to the design. The final judgment of its’ overall merits come through the experience of ownership.  Successful good design captures a precise balance between beauty and utility— form and function.

What can good design give you?

Good design is an expression of a perfect state of mind— comfort, style, beauty and tranquility.  I believe in the Zen of design and that’s why it is enduring.

We hope that you have been inspired to think about what good design is and how it plays a dynamic role in our daily lives. Considering that design is all around, it’s interesting to consider those who work behind the scenes dedicating their lives to improving the design in ours. Designers, we salute you!

Ambrosia Ceder Plate & Melitta Honeypot w/ Dipper
Featured: Ambrosia Ceder Plate (inside left) Melitta Honey Pot w/ Dipper (far right)
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