Zen of Helyx [Behind the Scenes of MJD’s Most Iconic Collection]

Helyx bendA good design is difficult to predict, but this one I really could place my bets on.  One of the elements of good design is its ability to strike an unconscious chord in your heart.  Our Helyx knot did that right from the beginning.

In 2006 I traveled to Bangkok where I met a craftsman who could handle stainless steel like a fine jeweler.  His steady hands and determined focus were almost trance-like.  During several years as a diamond jewelry designer I worked with world-class craftsmen and recognized immediately this man had the qualities of a master artisan.  Being in his presence was spiritual. One could almost re-imagine his makeshift, humble surroundings being nothing less noble than a golden temple.  He owned few essential tools and the rest of the debris was oblivious to him.  His respect for the material responded to his hands. The result was a perfectly twisted metal knot of beauty.  Our Helyx Collection was born.

Helyx Knot Close Up - Mary Jurek DesignFew people can appreciate the dedication of handcrafting stainless steel.  The metal is extremely hard and not very malleable.  Each knot is individually crafted by hand from a single rod of stainless steel.  The process, both slow and methodical, can be more than 8-10 minutes for each.  No breakage, welding or variations- each one is engineered to perfection over slow burning coals.

Helyx is our #1 best selling collection year after year.  There are 32 designs featuring this iconic motif from small gravy ladles, to bowls to our tall, stately pitcher.  The most recent additions include an exquisite Helyx Barware Collection including an ice bucket and cocktail shaker which are becoming customer favorites.

HLX 012 - Helyx Water Pitcher w-Knot
Our company is recognized as the creator of the Helyx Collection and customers seek out our brand to own a piece.  We are mindful of the dedication and focus of our single Thai artisan who in his humble hut dedicates his day to creating lovely stainless steel knots for our collection.  Every time I pick up my Helyx Water Pitcher I marvel at its elegance and think of a far away dusty factory in the quiet world of zen.

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