Kicking Back with Best Buddies [ 3 Quick Tips to Improve Guys’ Night In]

Alex in the kitchenIf you are thinking about having some good ol’ quality time with the guys, we have some hassle-free ideas for you. We know your week runs on “high stress” starting with early morning wake up, sitting in snail-slow traffic and just feeling over-scheduled and overwhelmed. At the end of the day you ask yourself, “When does that fast moving train ever stop?” Surprisingly enough, you are the one in control of the brakes.

We all need to make time to chill out, and for our men, nothing is better than kicking back with best buddies.

Being stressed out is not only an unpleasant way to spend your time, but it’s also very unhealthy in the long run.  Stress can be a contributing factor in health problems. Medical studies prove that strong social ties reduce risk of disease by lowering blood pressure, heart rate and cholesterol [Source].

So give your lads a ring and plan an evening that is super-chilled to top off a harried week of worries.

Here are our best tips:

Splurge on charcuterie

This is a special night, so swing by the best food emporium you know.  Ask your friendly butcher at the counter to lead you to the finest charcuterie he has to offer.  Taste a few, but we guarantee you can never go wrong with salty Parma prosciutto, imported French sausage or a duck pâté.  Make your selections and add a small container of mixed olives and cornichons.


Explore the cheeses

Take the voyage and consider a variety of cheeses, maybe 3-4 types.  We love them all!  A hard cheese is always the best first cut for your party and a good cheddar is a favorite of everyone.  Complement that with a medium hard Roquefort for a tangy bite that hits the back of the mouth.  A soft creamy Epoisses is an excellent choice- such a silky spread on any cracker you serve.  Add in a small crumbly disc of French-style goat and make sure to have plenty of cheese knives ready to cut.


Lovely libations

Get the best your budget can afford. After all, these are your best friends!  Plenty of chilled beers and crisp white wine will make your buddies happy and ready to enjoy an evening of kicking back with you.

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What’s your best advice for a memorable night with the boys?