Unconventional Color Transforms Your Space

Symphony Pink Orchid Bowl
Symphony Pink Orchid Bowl
Pink orchid chairs
Courtesy of One Kings Lane

Color fascinates me. I recall reading an interior design article several years ago addressing the question of how to select the best colors for your home.  It struck a chord since color choices are way too many to count and when it comes right down to it, color is a very personal matter.  In my opinion, refined color selection is one of the highest skills in the practice of interior design and in the world of color experts, outstanding talent really shines.  Well-orchestrated hues add depth and such a wide array of emotions to a room including energy, warmth, drama or lightness. Complex combinations can transform an ordinary space into one that is beyond heavenly.

We recently introduced the very first romantic color to our Symphony Collection for Winter 2015- Pink Orchid. We are feeling exceedingly good about it!  The beauty of vivid pink blooms inspired this choice and the interplay of this gorgeous, feminine hue has scaled the look of several pieces in our tableware collection. Pink adds a happy jolt of energy and mixes so well with the modernist, clean lines of our MJD collection. Our customers are drawn to this unexpected vibrant hue and believe it demands special attention and display.

unconventional color accents

Unconventional colors stimulate conversation and may even create controversy in a space. We definitely recommend their use. Many of us are fearful of incorporating unusual colors into home decor and really do not know how to do it well.  If used in a restrained, balanced way, the results can be breathtaking.  The photo above (www.OneKingsLane.com) is a perfect example of how unexpected pink upholstery on white framed chairs successfully transforms a traditional dining room design into a chic, modern space.  By adding one daring element, the room invokes vitality and surprise, yet maintains the comfort of good classic style.

Getting back to the article I read several years ago about color selection, one thought remains. Do not underestimate your own personal taste.  Always have colors around you that you love. Unexpected, vibrant colors may not carry an entire room with balance, but bring in your favorite colors as accent pieces, collectibles or tableware designs for that extra pop of energy. They will make you feel beautiful, good and happy.IMG_0784Share your own uses of unconventional color on Instagram using the tag #MJDLifestyle – Or tell us what color palettes you prefer in the comments below!