8 Wedding Registry Essentials (Every Bride-to-be Should Know)

Rotunda Shallow Dish and Morocco Buffalo Horn Salad Set
Rotunda Shallow Dish & Morocco Salad Servers

Equal amounts of excitement and stress will be running high on the daily barometer as you prepare for your big day. No wonder, there is so much to do! The wedding date is finally set, guest list decided upon, invitations ready to print, gown selected, venue is perfect and you love the menu. Whew!  Check, check- now to think about your wedding registry.

Relax, you can slow down a bit. The hard work is behind you and your mother is standing by ready to step in as your biggest help ever.  She is your expert adviser with many years of experience. You marvel at how she gracefully perfected her personal style of home entertaining. Juggling her daily tasks as wife and mother, she makes holidays and family gatherings look effortless, joyful and memorable. Her skills have taught her about essential tools for creating wonderful table settings and she will guide you to making key selections for your registry.

At our company (MaryJurekDesign.com) we know our best selling core collection items are filling bridal registries every day.  We are confident your mother will agree with our list of the eight wedding registry essentials that every bride will enjoy for a lifetime:

  1. Lots and lots of small size bowls: 

    We cannot keep these in stock!  Luna Bowl 6″ and our Fidelia Square Bowl 5″ are ideal for appetizer snacks, nuts and olives- just the right size and made of 18/8 stainless steel.  They are so versatile and work perfectly for serving salad dressings, dips or salsa. Keep one or two within reach at all time. These shiny food safe containers even conveniently store leftovers on your fridge shelf, keeping everything super cool and worry free.

  2. One humongous salad bowl: 

    Go as large as possible and you will never regret it.  A grand shimmering beauty will be your dining table centerpiece or countertop fruit bowl looking lovely and happy everyday. Our Rotunda Shallow Dish 16″ (photo above), or Luna Bowl 15″ are all-time favorites among brides.  Their generous size makes either item perfect for paella dishes, pasta salads or garden greens.  When entertaining a larger crowd you will be thankful having such a practical, handy accessory on duty.

  3. Square or rectangular platters: 

    Truth be told, they are the ultimate in serveware.  So versatile, sleek and contemporary- Aurora and Mesa Trays will be your go-to platters to hold your favorite hors d’oeuvres recipes. We recommend a couple different sizes. Arrange your tasty crostini, cold shrimp or veggies on one of our geometric platters and watch the food disappear and the fun begin. Easy to store and stack, you will be enjoying their use for many, many years to come.

    Aurora and Mesa Trays Picture courtesy of Home Grown Haverford PA
  4. A long, oval platter: 

    Whole grilled salmon and slender stalks of asparagus cry out for a special serving dish and our Ocean Oval Platter 19″ fits the bill. Roasted vegetables, corn on the cob, sliced meats and baked potatoes look tasty on this narrow server. You will be thrilled own such a useful tray.  Put it in the dishwasher and your clean up woes will immediately go “bye-bye”.

  5. One cake stand:

    Our Paloma Cake Stand is not only a lovely form on its own, it will also make your desserts look quite distinguished.  Presenting a layered birthday cake, dessert squares or a tower of cream puffs with a bit of added height will provide just the right amount of drama to any fête finale.

  6. Cheese board:

    Your husband will get so much use out of this, it would be wise to select at least two for the registry.  When hosting good friends for drinks and appetizers, you will love arranging imported cheese and crackers on a stunning Ibiza Black Marble Tray.  Drop in a vibrant bunch of grapes, pour a crisp white wine and the evening will be off to a friendly start.

  7. An eye-catching pitcher:

    All tables need a stately pitcher and the #1 benefit of our 18/8 stainless steel containers is versatile usage. With no worry of acidic reaction or aftertaste, you will pour water, lemonade, margarita mix or orange juice from any of our pitchers.  Storing in the fridge will hold the temperature longer and you will never be adding ice to dilute the drink.  Many of our customers love to use the Mirabel Beaker as a vase. After use, run it through the dishwasher, then on to the dinner table it goes as a beautiful carafe.

  8. Lots and lots of serving accessories:

    Numbers prove it. We satisfy many bridal registries with our handmade Versa Salad Sets (too many to count), Miravella Serving Tongs and large vegetable spoons and meat forks.  Definitely select at least 2-3 serving spoons and one must be slotted.  All vegetable bowls, side dishes and entree platter need their own utensils and sometimes two.

Mary Jurek Design Lifestyle Wedding RegistryPlease visit our entire collection of Mary Jurek Design for more choices of easy care, dishwasher safe entertaining essentials.

Any registry essentials you think we missed? Let us know in the comments section below!