4 Insightful Reasons Why Everyone Needs a Catchall (Or Even More Than a Few)

Santa Fe Carnelian Stone Round Bowl - Mary Jurek Design
Santa Fe Bowl w/ Carnelian Stone Inset

Let’s face it, we have stuff in our lives.  We are not referring to that basement, garage or storage unit which is jam-loaded with your entire life.  The old cd’s, photos, stroller (the one you are saving for future grandchildren), cookbooks, sports equipment- dusty and rusty, they really need to go!  We are talking about all the small tidbit things you need in your daily life which usually find their way scattered onto a table, in a pocket or sailing to the bottom of your purse.  They cry out for organization and the perfect place to keep them is in a stylish catchall.  Now we have your attention!  You know you need even more than a few, because there is just lots of stuff around the house.

Supporting our claim here is a short list that qualifies our Mary Jurek Design bowls and trays as the most justified receptacles in your home for all the random objects that need a good home and easy to locate.

Unimportant Things Begin to Look Special

When placed into a lovely, shiny Santa Fe Bowl, even the most mundane items like stamps, pens, rubber bands and paper clips are suddenly elevated to items of high worth. The more lowly the pieces, the more audacious it is to place them in an elegant container, awarding them a VIP status.  You will definitely appreciate the safekeeping of these humble odds and ends when you are scrambling around to find them at a moment’s notice.

They Organize Your Scatter

Empty your heavy wallet of coins, set your keys down and place the stack of mail on an oval Paloma Tray and you will be thrilled to know where you can find them tomorrow.  Arranging your items in a handy location next to your phone charger on a lustrous tray will not only minimize clutter it is a huge time saver.  Say goodbye to that frantic morning search when you are barreling out the door in the morning all the while high-fiving yourself with your keys in hand.

Softens the High Tech Look

It is difficult to consider a remote control to be part of “home decor” but it is a convenience feature and we love having them around.  Storing your less than elegant devices in a beautiful covered box keeps them out of sight and within reach. Better still, arrange the little soldiers next to your good reading books in the middle of a large Nordica Tray on the coffee table. Lined up side by side, they may even encourage you to watch less television and choose to spend more time with higher intellectual pursuits.

They Make You Look Chic-And French

In English we call it a “catchall” and the French refer to these vessels as “vide poche”, literally meaning “empty pocket”.  However you refer to them, possessing beautiful bowls and trays is a sign of good taste. Use them freely throughout your home.  At night store your precious diamond studs, rings and pearls in a Kenya Covered Box on your vanity for safekeeping.  Organize your husband’s heirloom watch, gold cuff-links and wallet on a elegant bedside tray. Each day as you begin your early morning routine, your mind will be at ease to always find your personal items well guarded by the ever faithful and elegant catchall.

Kenya Round Box - Luxor Box Review
Kenya Round Box w/ Croc Pattern Lid – picture courtesy of http://tinyurl.com/o4c8xyw-

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