Top 3 Must Have Thanksgiving Hostess Gifts (For Under $35)


Mary Jurek Design_Lifestyle

Once I carve that nice plump pumpkin and buy tons of Halloween candy for the ‘trick or treaters’, I know it is time to give the last two calendar months close scrutiny. Have to admit, a bit of panic hits the bottom of my stomach thinking about how much needs to be done in preparation for year end holidays as time fleets by. I really love entertaining and hosting the family dinners. The work is worth the effort and so much joy comes in creating memorable gatherings with good people. Planning early is the best strategy and only remedy to settling the nerves. My to-do list begins on November 1.

Sending emails and text messages announcing my Thanksgiving event, my guests find comfort knowing there will be a delicious autumnal feast of turkey and stuffing at my home again. After all, this has become our annual tradition. As custom goes, I also expect that everyone will ask what to bring.  I have some tips.

My kitchen is very well-stocked with handy tools after after so many years of hosting.  Here is my list of the 3 best ever Mary Jurek Design hostess gifts under $35 for your upcoming Thanksgiving dinner event.

HVF 004 - Versa Garden Vegetable Spoon

Versa Garden Vegetable Spoon $30.

The first words out of anyone’s mouth are sure to be, “Wow, now that’s a real spoon!  Guests know that when they arrive at their anticipated Thanksgiving celebration the heavenly aromas wafting from the kitchen will be first to greet them.  A hot oven is afire roasting a succulent bird as the the host toils away.  Numerous pots simmer on the stove.  The job demands multi-tasking and when you offer your host a Versa Garden Vegetable Spoon you are sure to delight!  With its deep, generous shape it just may be the star attraction in the stuffing bowl.

HVF 010 - Versa Slotted Vegetable Serving Spoon

Versa Slotted Spoon $35

Did you forget to put this much needed item on your bridal registry twenty years ago?  We all think we can get by with only 1 or 2 large serving spoons, but just wait until you entertain. Where is the spoon for that side dish, and that one, and that?  Be the hero of the day and offer your host an elegant, handmade Versa Slotted SpoonThis useful utensil is leaps and bounds beyond the common kitchen shop brand.  As guests serve themselves, their mounds of precious stuffing will not be sailing to and fro sloshing in a sea of briny vegetable liquid.

HVA 001 - Valencia Gravy Ladle

Valencia Gravy Ladle $26

Did someone say, “Please pass the gravy”?  Experience tells us that with a big crowd it is always a good idea to have 2 gravy bowls circulating in and out of the kitchen at all times. Piping hot gravy is the way to go. As it coats the soft clouds of mashed potatoes and oozes over the ridges of the stuffing, you know it is time to dig in.  Your host will love the handy gift of a Valencia Gravy Ladle and find ways to use it daily.

Any one of the above items are thoughtful presents for your hardworking host or hostess.  You will be offering a beautiful, handmade serving accessory meant to be enjoyed daily for many years to come.  What a great way to give “Thanks”!


What Thanksgiving essentials would you add to the list? Let us know in the comments!