4 Simple Steps for Creating That Special Look

Paul Wojcik Home
Paul Wojcik’s Elegant NJ Home

Our homes tell the story of who we are, they are a reflection of our taste.  Whether your home is a small rental apartment or a spacious residence on a suburban tree-lined street, it doesn’t matter. It is your place and it is where you come to decompress and call your own.

We see so many beautifully decorated homes in design magazines and furniture catalogs.  Everything is so well selected and perfectly arranged from room to room. In reality very few people have the budget to create that kind of world for themselves. Most folks own favorite objects from different parts of their lives and in a family, you need to blend many tastes together under one roof.  That is why we have rooms with doors!

It only takes a few simple steps to create a special look in your home.  All that is required is a dedicated space and in no time a dramatic transformation can begin. Start small. The space can be in a foyer, a powder room, dining room or in your living room.  We recommend that you begin with an area where you can get a lot of impact and guests will be certain to enjoy it.

Here are our best tips to guide you along:

Work with Things You Love

Aim for a personal statement. Pull together a group of 4-5 of your favorite objects and identify a unifying theme.  What you love about these objects may be the color, subject matter, material or surface texture (such as the organic items seen in the photo). Keep in mind why you selected these items and they will provide the best clues in defining your style.

Develop a Grouping

Build around your theme. If color is the dominant theme, search for items in the same color family, mixing different tones for variety.  You may love candles, so pick 3 in different heights or styles.  Wood is always a great material and fabulously carved objects are easy to find in 2nd hand stores.  We love metal and enjoy pairing our lustrous hammered stainless steel trays with vintage brass objects. They couple so well together and look timeless!

22 - Morning Glory & Mosaic
Pictured: Morning Glory Tray & Mosaic Lasagna Server


Add One Vase

We like this idea because a vase gives a lot of flexibility to your decoration project.  As a beautiful shape, its profile adds height to your composition and is a stunning sculptural feature without flowers as seen in the photo of our Riviera Vase w 4 Ring Handles.  The option to add different flower arrangements will keep your decoration dynamic and seasonal.

Set a Relaxed Tone

Keep it minimal for a relaxed tone. Do not overcrowd.  Too many decorative accents diminish the importance of each one.  Every piece should stand alone as uniquely beautiful and harmoniously blending with its companions.  Remember to vary the sizes and heights for visual interest. Re-work your grouping several times until you find the perfect balance of your arrangement.  If you carefully selected your accessories, you will be proud of the results.  The mix will be uber-chic and guests will marvel at your amazing design talent.

HRV 001 - Riviera Round Vase w-4 Ring Handles
Riviera Vase w 4 Ring Handles


Have any design tips of your own? Let us know in the comments below!