Begin Your Morning Ritual [With A Good Cup of Joe]

Morning coffeeThe greatest benefit of waking up very early in the morning is the absolute quietude.  I was never an early riser, but after starting Mary Jurek Design, time really took on new meaning.  The alarm is set for 5:30 am every day (even weekends) and out from under the covers I jump. There are just too many things to do and way too little time to waste.

The routine changed many things. The greatest reward is the extra 30 minutes or so in complete silence. Not simply in the house-at this hour of the day tranquility permeates through the entire neighborhood.  Daylight has not yet cracked open the sky and the birds are still dozing.  The morning ritual begins with steaming brewed coffee and CNN news.


You would think the stimulant of the caffeine would rev up the engines, but the effect is slower and more gradual.  I like having an easy transition into daytime and permit the senses to revive on their own.  CNN morning news helps move consciousness forward.  War reports, police shootings, financial shenanigans of Wall Street and all other forms of yesterday’s debauchery usher in the new day.  Ah, wonderful reality!  Still, without the daily commentary of current affairs, how else could one be prepared to face the challenges of the new day?

Offsetting the turmoil of the world is best harnessed by savoring a cup of joe and taking in the peaceful bliss of the early morning hours. Having a good arsenal of accessories is an understated necessity for a proper brew.

These are the essentials for any sunrise serenity :

  • Deep, Rich Ground Coffee

Depending on your budget there is a vast variety of coffee beans and even wider range of prices. You may spend from $12.00/lb for Starbucks to $62.00/8 oz for a prized blend Panama La Esmeralda Geisha Bosque which can be found and reviewed on a website, Coffee Review (  The site ranks the top 15 coffees for 2015.  As far as preference, it comes down to a matter of taste and wallet.

  • Good Coffeemaker

I prefer a model that is easy to use.  Fill with water, add scoops of ground coffee then push a button. Little thinking.  For you the coffee connoisseurs, there are plenty sophisticated machines in the stores.  The more glamorous sleek types are programmable and will have a cup ready to enjoy as you enter the kitchen in the morning.  How good is that?  Check out Consumer Reports ( for reliable ratings.

  •  Helyx Sugar Bowl & Creamer

For us in the tabletop industry these are basic essentials- gorgeous petite pots to store your cream and sugar.  It is so much nicer to pour cream from a graceful vessel and spoon the sugar from its mate.  Having a handsome duo such as our Helyx Cream & Sugar Set  begins your early ceremony with a bit of elegance.  (By the way, the set happens to be one of our best sellers!) Handmade 18/8 stainless steel and dishwasher safe, they are easy care and destined to be legacy items to pass on to future generations.  My guess, they end up being your favorite kitchen items.  The lovely little couple will joyfully greet and brighten up your day as you begin your morning ritual with a good cup of joe.

HLX 031 - Helyx Cream & Sugar Set wKnot 3½in
Helyx Sugar Bowl & Creamer Set

Begin your day any way that suits you best. Morning peace and quiet is my routine and has proven to get me off on good footing.  Toss in a little extra elegance (and perhaps a spoonful of sweetness) and you will be best equipped to tackle the issues waiting for you outside the front door.