Magical Healing Powers of Honey [Nature’s Sweetest Gift]

Healing powers of honey

Our Melitta Honey Pot was introduced several years ago and continues to be a favorite piece admired for its elegance and classic form. The plump shape and golden bee always manages to put a smile on everyone’s face. Customers can be fickle, so it was difficult to predict the success of our product when it was first introduced to the market. We loved it anyways, and immediately it proved to be a real winner.

I attribute the popularity of our Melitta Honey Pot to several factors.  As a design company we maintain a never wavering commitment to form + function.  Beauty in design is extremely important, but purpose and usability sustain a product’s value.  The Melitta Honey Pot was designed as a container for honey, a lovely amber liquid highly valued for its sweet taste, its use in delicious gooey desserts and as a natural home remedy for a sore throat or cough.

It was not until the launch of our Melitta Honey Pot did I learn the magical healing powers of honey in a broader historical context.  The jars on the grocer’s shelf do not look the same to me anymore. There are so many varieties depending on the flower and several quality levels. There are more than 300 types in the USA alone.  Most interesting to discover is that early civilizations prized this sweet liquid as an amazing healing agent possessing several curative attributes.  Stone Age paintings from 8,000 yrs ago even depict the use of honey in ancient society. This syrupy liquid is nature’s gift and continues to add healing benefits to many ailments today.

Magical Healing Powers

  • Traditional beliefs that survive millennia must be based on fundamental truths and today science continues to research its merits. Honey is loaded with antibacterial and anti fungal properties.  Ancient cultures discovered its magical healing abilities long ago. In fact, its earliest known use as a medicinal prescription was discovered on Sumerian clay tablets that may be almost 4000 years old.  Early Egyptians used it in managing skin and eye diseases.  Applying honey as a natural bandage proved to treat wounds and burns. In India, honey is an important part of Siddha and Ayurveda – the ancient, traditional systems of medicine and the healing arts. Early Hindus considered honey as the food of gods and was used in ceremonies to send away evil spirits and ensure a happy marriage. They valued it as one of nature’s sweetest gift to mankind.
  • As a natural antibiotic, honey acts both internally and externally.  The antibacterial and anti fungal properties of Manuka honey from Australia and New Zealand have proven to kill bacteria in wounds.  As a potent immune system booster, it may even improve your digestive system and boost memory.  Manuka honey continues to be the focus of scientific research supporting the many uses of honey our forefathers discovered.  Science has long recognized the anti-inflammatory effects of honey to soothe coughs and  studies have been conducted into its ability to reduce seasonal allergy symptoms.  Common theory believes honey acts like a natural vaccine. Traces of pollen found in honey may trigger an immune response. Antibodies are built up in the system, which in turn, can ward off future allergic reactions. No conclusive data.
JME 001 - Melitta Honey Pot 4¼ x 4¾''
Melitta Honey Pot

Jewish Tradition

  • Today our Melitta Honey Pot is most popular among our Judaica clientele.  On the feast of Rosh Hashanah, honey plays an important symbolic role. During the first night of this Jewish New Year celebration, apple slices are dipped into honey and a prayer is recited asking God for a sweet and blessed year.  I cannot help but think this time-honored Jewish tradition has its roots in the enduring respect for the magical power of this sweet amber liquid.

It makes us happy to know our design plays a key role in the continuance of ancient tradition. Whether your favorite honey is used to flavor your daily tea, alleviate the symptoms of a winter flu or is part of a family ritual, our Melitta Honey Pot has merited important stature among its owners. It is the proud container of one of nature’s sweetest gifts to mankind.  I will make sure it will always get the respect on the kitchen counter it deserves.

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