Living Mindfully [6 Reason Why You Should Support Your Local Farmers Market]

Farmers Market

Spring is officially here, and wow, it feels great!  Days are longer, buds are blooming and moods are getting a major lift off.  This sense of good karma brings lots of bounce to the step after those long, dreary months of hibernating indoors.  For those of you who are still in slow mo, here’s a surefire way to kick-start your “hello” to warmer weather.  Grab some of those recycled grocery sacks and head right out to your local farmers market and re-connect to nature with heart, body and soul.

We guarantee a greater sense of good karma with 6 of our most living mindfully reasons to support your local farmers market:

1. Experience Real Flavors

We are all about freshness.  Fruits and vegetables at farmers’ stands are picked at the peak of flavor and get to market within 24 hours of harvesting. This is key.  Local growers allow produce to ripen according to nature’s plan. Then it’s transported directly to market—no long-distance shipping, no gassing to simulate the ripening process, no sitting for weeks in refrigerated storage. This state of freshness ensures that you will experience real flavors and benefit from all the power-packed nutrients in the healthiest way.


                                  Photo courtesy of The Kitchn

2. Celebrate the Season

Farmers markets bring the countryside to you. Buying fruits and vegetables from a local grower allows you reconnect with the patterns of nature. Each season has its specialties. Springtime harvest produces delicate asparagus, summer’s high heat cultivates sweet corn, and autumn yields golden pumpkins suitable for cold weather menus. Selecting what is in season keeps you in rhythm with the earth, the weather, and the turning cycles of the year.  Are you feeling the poetry in motion?

3. Support Family Farmers

Large agribusiness dominates food production in the US and family farmers really need your support. It is hard labor to maintain a small-scale farm and difficult to compete in the commercial food marketplace. The number of small farms in our country continues to decrease and without them, a connection to the land will be lost.  Purchasing from local growers provides stability to your local economy.  Get out and help them continue to earn an honest living.

4. Protect the Environment

When you buy locally you become an invaluable link in the preservation of the environment.  Most food travels long distances by sea, land or rail to get to a large distributor.  Freight shipping consumes large amounts of natural resources (especially fossil fuels) which in turn, contributes to pollution.  By comparison, the low carbon footprint to transport from nearby farms to local market places always remains minimal. Also, locally grown produce is transported in recyclable wooden crates to farmers markets.  This eliminates the need for environmentally polluting packaging and cuts down on deforestation. At Mary Jurek Design Inc. we care about sustainable and environmentally conscious living and love businesses that think just like us.

5. Protect Your Health

Fruits and vegetables from the farmers markets are grown organically or with far less use of chemicals. Good farming ensures that land is well kept with minimal usage of fertilizers to produce crops by sustainable techniques. We consider this mindfully living. On the other hand, produce sold in large grocery stores is full of toxic pesticides, fungicides, and often genetically modified.  These practices have serious negative effects on your health and linked to many diseases and food allergies.

6. Connect to Your Community

Farmers markets are upbeat social events, providing gathering spots for local neighbors to enjoy a casual, fresh air venue. Strolling among outdoor produce stands and mixing with all generations gets you out of your car and moving.  There are countless opportunities to make new friends, discover new foods or get to know your local growers while shopping smartly for your family.

At our MJD company, we sometimes break our 9 to 5 routine for a quick visit to the TORRANCE CERTIFIED FARMERS MARKET here in Southern California. Their website even has some incredible recipes for Asian veggies grown by the farmers.

Put good karma into your life by living mindfully and support your local farmers market.  Visit this website to find one closest to you:

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